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Click on FORMS and download "Senior Class Important Dates"

 Tuesday, May 22nd - Graduation Practice

      o  Meet in the gym at 8:00 a.m. sharp!

     o  Must attend practice to walk at Graduation 


Tuesday, May 22rd - Graduation in Gymnasium

      o  Be there at 5:00 p.m. NO LATER

     o  NO family/friends/guests can be in the middle school building before graduation

     o  Come in Appropriate Dress Code (see dress code below)

               Bring your cords, stoles, medallions,etc.

     o  Graduation starts at 6:00 p.m. 


GHS Graduation Dress Code

Young Men - Pants - Black dress slacks (no jeans, no holes)

                 Shirt- White button-down dress shirt

                 Bowtie or necktie - black (required)

                 Shoes: all black dress shoes (slip on or lace-up) OR all Vans, Toms or Converse (body of shoe, slides and laces must be                                    black) OR all black dressy cowboy boots

Young Women - Dress (any color), fingertip length minimum, middle of back and front covered completely. Note: length of dress                        must be shorter than graduation robe (it cannot be visible)


                     White dressy blouse with black dress pants OR black dress skirt (fingertip length)

                     Shoes: all black dress shoes (heel and body of shoe must be black); may be flat or heel's OR all black Vans, Toms or                                      Converse (body of shoe, sides and laces must be black) OR all black dressy cowboy boots

                     Note: Baccalaurate dress code is the same as graduation



The website below has an A-Z listing of many scholarships.  All of the scholarships are not for black students.  If you could copy and paste the A to Z list there’s direct links to each scholarship.


Brochures are available in the guidance office for the Kugelman Honors Program and the John C. Pace, Jr. Honors Scholarship.  These scholarships can only be used at the University of West Florida.Visit to view a list of scholarships that are currently available nationwide.