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We had all hoped we would begin this year with a more normal start. Unfortunately, with the recent rise in COVID, that is not going to be the case this year. With that in mind, the following decisions have been made: • Open Houses will continue as planned. Please SOCIAL DISTANCE while on the campus and, especially if not vaccinated, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE the wearing of masks. • For now, school campuses will be closed to all but essential visitors as was last year. We understand how important it is for many parents to take their child the first day of school and we will not limit parents from coming, however, after this, visitors will only be allowed for essential meetings. We apologize for not being able to open our schools to visitors and volunteers at this time. We hope in the weeks or months ahead we will be able to relax this but we feel it is important to try to limit contact as best as possible during these first few weeks and until COVID is on the decline again.

School Choice Open Enrollment is closed for the 2021-22 school term.

School Choice Open Enrollment is closed for the 2021-22 school term. If you are seeking approval to attend a school outside of your zone, please contact the school Principal to obtain approval, complete an application, and sign an agreement. Until these steps have been completed your approval status will be “pending completion of requirements”.

Photo Gallery

Picture of a tiger in the wild
Chandler King, State President Elect, Beta Club

Chandler King, State President Elect, Beta Club

Picture of marquee with Tiger
Rebecca Mays, Beta Club State Champion, Color Photography
Dressed up like nerds for Red Ribbon week
Crazy hair day for Red Ribbon week
Car Rider attendees dressed like the four seasons for halloween
Picture of front entrance of school
Picture of students on word day, Homecoming 2020
Picture of students on word day, homecoming 2020
Ms. White with student and 2nd Grade banner
Ms. Matthew's class on word day, homecoming 2020
Picture of Elementary School sign that says
Picture of seniors at pep rally
Graceville Faculty on Homecoming Float
Picture of marquee with American flag
Picture of Ms. Barbee and students with 4th Grade banner
picture of students and staff at a pep rally
Picture of students on super hero day, homecoming 2020