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Press Release--12/10/21 3:00PM

Superintendent of Schools, Steve R. Benton, Sr., and the members of the Jackson County School Board thank Sherriff Edenfield and all the local law enforcement teams who provided additional security at school sites today. As a measure of caution, Marianna High and Marianna K-8 remained on a soft-lockdown throughout the day.

New Scholarships Added!

College Board Scholarships, College Readiness Scholarships, and University of Florida Recruitment Program information added to the "Scholarship Opportunities" Page

Press Release--December 10, 2021

Marianna High School and Marianna K-8 School are on a soft-lock down this morning while Jackson County law enforcement officers search for a Sunland resident. Sherriff Edenfield has provided additional officers at each school while a search of the area is conducted.
Classes are continuing as scheduled and outside movement of students is limited. An updated press release will be sent when the lockdown is lifted.

American Rescue Plan Feedback and Application

The Jackson County School District utilized a survey to request feedback from its stakeholders on the use of funds for the American Rescue Plan. Activities were developed in District Leadership Meetings for the stakeholders to provide feedback on with the opportunity to add to the list.

American Rescue Plan Funds

Please complete the following survey to provide input on the use of American Rescue Plan funds. This survey will take about 10 minutes.

The survey will be open until November 15, 2021.
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